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Aberdaron Sailing Club

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Cyrsiau Rigeta Aberdaron


Mae pedwar cwrs gwahanol, hyn yn dibynnu ar gyfeiriad y gwynt a chyflwr y llanw. Gallwch lawrlwytho y cyrsiau o waelod y dudalen hon.

Mae'r llinell gychwyn a darfod rhwng y polyn faner a'r y clwb a'r ODM.

Bydd rhaid i bob ras gychwyn a darfod drwy'r giat, rhwng y'r ODM a'r IDM.




5, Bwi Cannol Bae





1, Bwi Wig





4, Bwi Porth Samddai


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Cyrsiau 2013


Shortened Course

A Shortened Course may be signalled at any rounding mark. Boats will then Finish between ODM and IDM from the direction of the course from the last mark. With the exception of a Shortened Course at mark "5" when the race will finish by rounding ODM on the same side as Mark 5.






1        The Regatta Committee shall not be held responsible for any accident to persons or property that may occur during the Regatta.

2        The Committee’s decision is final in all disputes.

3        All protests to be in the hand of the Secretary, in writing within 24 hours of the incident. All protests shall be dealt with by the Sailing Committee at their next Committee Meeting.

4        FIVE boats to start in Mixed Dinghies Race – or no race.

5        Entries with fees will be accepted by – The  General Secretary.








The following are the specification required of all boats entered in the class.

1        The boat must be Aberdaron Type traditionally clinker built, boat’s hull wholly or partly marine ply or fibreglass not permitted

2        It may be partly decked.

3        It must not exceed 16 feet in length.

4        It must have a straight keel not less than 2 inches in depth at the centre of the boat.

5        Deadwood may be either inside or outside.

6        Dagger plate (centre board) must be free and lifted by hand.

7        All races are run under IYRU Rules.

8        The Sailing Committee reserve the right to terminate any race.




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Cartref    Rhaglen    Pwyllgor   Cychod    Cwrs   Canlyniadau    Oriel    Newyddion     Hysbys    Noddwyr   Hanes    Dolenau

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Ffôn 0758-3342892 (Race days only)